• VT Comp Guitar Optical Compressor
  • VT Comp Bass Optical Compressor
  • Smoking Bass Overbass Drive
  • White Scream Overdrive
  • Dark Lady Distortion
  • Oktopus Plus - Noiseless Power Supply
  • Tentacles Hum Free Power Supply
  • The Muff Mufftortion
  • Mr. Q Driwah
  • Silver Box MTS Booster - Nemphasis  Swiss Knife...
  • Liquid Mind Analog Chorus
  • Reactive Booster/Buffer

X7 Tube Overdrive

X7 Tube Overdrive

Heart of Valve.
What's better than a straight, organic, classic valve saturation?
The 'X7' has been tailored to that versatile, ageless, pure rock guitar tone. 'Overdrive' is here intended in a broad sense....
X7 Tube Overdrive

Mr.Q Driwah

Mr.Q DriwahNot only an overdrive, not only a fixed wah. Simply both, in a single unit.
Mr.Q will lead you to the land of sweet, juicy, singing lead tones as well as deeply characterized talking riffs.
Just turn the 'Q' knob and be inspired by...
Mr.Q Driwah

Smoking Bass Overbass Drive

Smoking Bass Overbass DriveVery sensitive to the touch,the Smoking Bass maintains the natural tone of the instrument: either used to deliver a lightly saturated harmonic sound of delightful valve taste or for a more extreme distortion. The Smoking Bass will...
Smoking Bass Overbass Drive