Smoking Bass Overdrive

for bassSmoking Bass Overdrive

Very sensitive to the touch, the Smoking Bass maintains the natural tone of the instrument either used to deliver a lightly saturated harmonic sound of delightful valve taste or for a more extreme distortion. The Smoking Bass will always be dynamic, musical, transparent and a definition on low frequencies which are out of the ordinary.
It’s the pedal to turn on and never switch off…
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Sound samples
Level: 6 | Gain: 4 | Treble: 10 | Bass: 6 – Dirty Pick

Level: 6 | Gain: 5 | Treble: 8 | Bass: 6 – Overbass Drive

Level: 6 | Gain: 0 | Treble: 6.5 | Bass: 6 – Warm Dirty

Level: 6 | Gain: 10 | Treble: 6 | Bass: 4.5 – Blast

Clean Bass (NO FX)

Samples by Maurizio Mariani

Michelangelo Brandimarte

Michelangelo Brandimarte

Was voted among the best 10 bassists for the Italian magazine Jazzit in 2012, 2013 and 2014. He works constantly looking for new sounds with bass, synth, and effects. He have a Bass Solo performance and is recording a Solo Album.

Overdrive che non distrugge il suono dello strumento ma che da quello parte per dare sonorità che vanno dall’acido all’estremo. I controlli sono eccellenti e le basse frequenze rimangono belle e piene.


Analog is Better!

  • Extremely low noise overdrive.
  • Treble and Bass tone controls for greater versatility.
  • True bypass.