Liquid Mind Analog Chorus

Liquid Mind Analog Chorus

The analog Chorus with an enveloping sound, smooth and never extreme, obtained thanks to the employment of a Bucket Brigade device, accomplished with an accurate LF oscillator and a choice of the best electronic components available. Particular attention has been dedicated to the layout of the circuit with the aim of fully eliminating the sound of the “click noise” derived from the LFO.
In addition to the classic controls of DEPTH and SPEED there is also the adjustment of the tone “COLOR” of the effected signal.

Imagine the Chorus that blends with your sound to become the sound and not just part of it…
Imagine the Chorus with an elegant and smooth sound…
Imagine the Chorus that with your overdrive does not sound aggressive but maintains a natural musicality never heard before…
Now switch the Chorus on…it’s the Liquid Mind.

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Sound samplesDepth: 7 | Speed: 4 | Color: 6

Depth: 6 | Speed: 6 | Color: 4

Depth: 7 | Speed: 4 | Color: 0

Depth: 10 | Speed: 10 | Color: 7

Samples by Marco Tafelli


Analog is Better!

  • BBD Bucket Brigade Device.
  • Speed – Depth and Color control knobs.
  • True bypass.