Dark Lady “Red Knobs” Distortion

Dark Lady “Red Knobs” Distortion

We are proud to present the “aggressive” version of our Dark Lady distortion pedal…the “Red Knobs” one.
The Dark Lady Red Knobs works in HI-GAIN area, and was designed thinking of our highly appreciated Dark Lady distortion/fuzz, but with a more “our time” sound in mind.
Cut your mix  with this unique sound. The versatile single tone control knob, will make your life easier while searching your best distortion sound, always with the highest dynamic and musical response to any type of guitar and guitarist.
The selector “voice” allows you to select two distinct hard-clipping stages: sprained hot and slightly compressed distortion or aggressive with large harmonic content, all of that with the lowest imaginable background noise.Dark Lady “Red Knobs” The guitarists’s best friend.
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Sound samples

Look: 8 | Hair: 4 | Legs: 7 ! Voice: G

Look: 4 | Hair: 6 | Legs: 10 ! Voice: S

Look: 3 | Hair: 10 | Legs: 5 ! Voice: G

Look: 10 | Hair: 7 | Legs: 6 ! Voice: S

Samples by Thomas Bottaini

Analog is Better!

  • Voice selector for hot and slightly compressed distortion or aggressive modern pure rock sound.
  • Cut your mix with the enhanced tone control.
  • True bypass.