Mr.Q Driwah

Mr.Q Driwah – Overdrive & Wah

Not only an overdrive, not only a fixed wah. Simply both, in a single unit.
Mr.Q will lead you to the land of sweet, juicy, singing lead tones as well as deeply characterized talking riffs.
Just turn the ‘Q’ knob and be inspired by the infinite amount of voicings and warm tone coloration that the Mr.Q offers you.
Just put the Mr.Q on your pedalboard and open this character tank everytime is needed.
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Sound samples
Level:2 | Gain: 6 | Treble: 6 | Bass: 6 | Q: 4

Level: 5 | Gain: 6 | Treble: 10 | Bass: 6 | Q: 7

Level: 2 | Gain: 10 | Treble: 6 | Bass: 4 | Q: 6

Level: 3 | Gain: 10 | Treble: 6 | Bass: 7 | Q: Variable
(but you need 3 hands :))

Samples by Marco Tafelli



Guitarist Magazine by Trevor Curwen

“Kick in the pedal and you’ll get a throaty overdrive that gets more saturated as you turn up the gain”

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Analog is Better!

  • Overdrive and fixed Wah in a single pedal.
  • Treble and Bass tone controls for greater versatility.
  • True bypass.




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