Who? A team of passionate people who care about music. Nemphasis was the brain child of a highly skilled electrical technician with a vision.

What? Intricately designed guitar and bass pedals, power supplies and audio electronic devices for those who care about the quality of sound.

Where? Based in Italy, but able to reach a global audience.

When? The idea began in 2011. Nemphasis has been around since 2011 but is expanding on a daily basis, gaining recognition, respect and appreciation from industry professionals.

How? From an acorn comes a mighty oak… From the idea of a small boy at School to the ever expanding company that it is today.

Why? Nemphasis is always striving for perfection, pushing boundaries, inventing new concepts. To us, this is personal. We care. We care about the musician, the product, your point of view. We are true to ourselves and we believe in our product. We want you to believe it too.



Each realisation phase of the product, from design to parcel wrapping up, is entirely carried out in Italy in close collaboration with proven experienced laboratories in order to guarantee the quality and production standards required in the manufacture, presentation and sale of the product.