Oktopus plus noiseless power supply
Isolated outputs power supply for effect pedals



 Available for European market only. Input 230 V AC 50/60 Hz

The Oktopus plus noiseless power supply for pedalboard comes from the need to have a robust power supply for effect pedals, reliable and extremely silent to provide the necessary stabilized DC voltage at the various effects pedals.

The Oktopus plus implements all the sophisticated features, adding versatility and compactness.

The power supply, often overlooked, is instead a crucial stage for any electronic device.
Only after connecting the Oktopus plus pedalboard power supply, you can hear how a power supply built without compromise will bring the benefits of sound effects chain.The noise floor is greatly reduced or even undetectable, the dynamics will increase significantly, as well as touch sensitivity.
This thanks to the use of the best electronic components on the market and the unique modular design that allows to keep the grounds that feed the individual pedals always isolated from each other, thus eliminating the ground loops (typical of the power supplies in parallel or daisy chain).

The rugged aluminum case creates an excellent protection of the electromagnetic field generated by internal toroidal transformer, it is still designed for audio applications, has already reduced emissions.

Given the strength of the structure and the reduced height, 45mm or so, you can place on the top panel up to three effects pedals (typical size), allowing a considerable saving of space on the pedalboard.

The Oktopus plus, power supply for pedalboard, has nine separate outputs and  thanks to the ability to adjust, the value of the voltage supplied from some of them, the Oktopus plus is able to feed almost all of the pedals effect on the market.

All outputs are protected against accidental short circuit.

Each channel has a LED which indicates the proper functioning.

The output connections are made through isolated plug, Cliff, 2.1 mm with a negative tip while for the output n° 9 (the 18-24V) the connector  is a 2.5mm type.

The Outputs 1 and 2 have parallel connectors which allows, within the current limits that can be delivered, to connect two additional devices.
Note: By using the parallel connection the ground isolation for these outputs will be lost.


  • 9 outputs with true isolated grounds to avoid ground loops and hum.
  • Toroidal power tranformer designed for audio application.
  • Rugged aluminum case for unique EMI RFI isolation.
  • High stability: The Oktopus power supply can supply the maximum current declared, simultaneously on all channels, without changes in the outputs voltages.


Sound On Sound by Paul White
“..After hooking up all my pedals, I switched on and there was no more hum, whine or buzz other than that coming from my guitar pickup. The improvement was dramatic…”

Accessories included:

25-Red_smNo. 1 Output cable 2.5 mm right-angle red connectors. Length 75 cm

21-Black_smNo. 8 Output cable 2.1 mm right-angle black connectors. Length 75 cm

No. 1 Power cable Schuko-IEC

Power supply: 230V  +10% -5% 50/60Hz. Protection against short circuit and overvoltage. (EU Model)
Power consumption: 30 VA at full load.
Output voltages:

  • CH1 -> 9.6 VDC 100 mA/0.96 W.
  • CH2 -> 9.6 VDC  100 mA/0.96 W.
  • CH3 -> 7 VDC to 9.6 VDC (front adj)  100 mA/0.96 W.
  • CH4 -> 7 VDC to 9.6 VDC (front adj) 100 mA/0.96 W.
  • CH5 -> 9.6 VDC 350 mA/3.36 W.
  • CH6 -> 9.6 VDC to 12 VDC (front adj) 250 mA/2.4 W (3.6 W max). – (can provide up to 300mA at 12 VDC).
  • CH7 -> 9.6 VDC to 12 VDC (front adj) 250 mA/2.4 W.
  • CH8 -> 9.6 VDC to 12 VDC (front adj) 250 mA/2.4 W.
  • CH9 -> 18 VDC to 24 VDC (internal adj) 150 mA/3.6 W – TIP:2.5 mm – factory setting: 18VDC.

Outputs are protected against accidental short circuit
Dimensions (mm): L: 300 W: 157 H: 46
Weight (kg): 1.5
Environmental Conditions: 10 to 40 ° C, 30-90% RH non-condensing.
Do not use this product above an altitude of 2000m.