Z-PRO Buffer

Z-PRO Buffer
Professional buffer for pedalboard

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Professional buffer for guitar and bass.

The Z-PRO, connected between instrument and amplifier or effects chain is able to keep unaltered the tone colour of the instrument thanks to a perfect impedance matching.

Particularly useful when the connection between instrument and amplifier/mixer is considerably long (over 4 m) or the effects chain is composed of true bypass pedals.

The Z-PRO Buffer does not need to be activated, as it does not introduce gain but only adjusts the impedance. Therefore it is recommended to keep it permanently switched on.

Thanks to its small size (38 X 92 mm) it can be included into any pedalboard.

Sandy Beales

Sandy Beales

Sandy Beales is widely known from his work with the hugely successful boy band One Direction.

The Z-pro is such a nice compact size, it fitted straight onto my pedal board and hardly takes up any space. Great little pedal for clearing up the signal chain and eliminating any unwanted noise.


Analog is Better!

  • Burr Brown buffer used in Hi-End audio devices.
  • Small size.
  • Supply voltage up to 18 VDC.