Reactive Buffer-Booster

The power of a booster and the versatility of a buffer all in one pedal. In buffer mode, the Reactive provides the best interface between your instrument and your effects chain. There will be no signal amplification but the low-impedance output will avoid tone deterioration and improve “responsiveness” of your guitar or bass due to the length of connecting cables among several effects. The Reactive is helpful, or essential, even between instrument and amplifier/mixer, especially when the cable is longer than 5 meters. It is better to use a shorter cable from instrument to Reactive and a cable with the needed length from pedal output to amp. Low impedance transmission drastically decreases noise and buzz and also makes a low quality cable less dangerous for your sound. It is strongly recommended to use it in buffer mode when the chain effect is formed by true bypass pedals. Do you need gain without affecting your instrument tone? Do you want more volume during your solos? Just select the “boost mode” and adjust the gain to the desired level by turning the knob. You can adjust the gain from 3 to about 30 dB. At the highest Gain level, the booster will produce a slight saturation which has the typical character of a tube overdrive, thanks to mosfet technology.

Reactive booster/buffer

Sound samples

Gain: 3 – Booster Mode

Gain: 6 – Booster Mode

Gain: 8 – Booster Mode

Gain: 10 – Booster Mode

Samples by Marco Tafelli

Analog is Better!

  • Up to 30dB gain with mosfet flavour.
  • Booster/Buffer operation mode switch.
  • True bypass.


A small tip on the best position of the Reactive Bosster/Buffer in your pedalboard.

but do not forget that experience is always the best solution…

Buffer Mode
Booster mode
  • Scrupulously searched out and selected electronic components.
  • Mosfet technology.
  • True bypass.
  • Full analog.
  • Jack input /output 6.3 mm 1/4″ on the sides.
  • Switch for Buffer or Booster selection.
  • A knob allows the gain adjustment when the effect pedal is used in booster mode. The LED indicates the effect is on.
  • Power supply 9 VDC via battery or external power supply unit. Battery replacement is possible by removing the four screws on the bottom cover.
    For proper operation it is recommended to use batteries with voltage not lower than 8V.
    The external power supply, with regulated power supply is possible via 2.1 mm-plug with negative centre .
  • Power consumption 10 mA (max).
  • Dimensions (mm): 60 X 110 X 46
  • Weight (g): 220 (without battery).