X7 Tube Overdrive
Real 12AX7 overdrive for guitar

X7 tube overdrive: Heart of Valve

What’s better than a straight, organic, classic valve saturation?

The ‘X7’ has been tailored to that versatile, ageless, pure rock guitar tone.

‘Overdrive’ is here intended in a broad sense, as this little power box can also supply enough gain to sustain your heart-felt long notes for ages.

No embellishments here, just you and your sound.

You and your X7.

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Sound samples
Gain: 3 | Tone: 4 | Level: 6

Gain: 3 | Tone: 1 | Level: 8

Gain: 5 | Tone: 4 | Level: 7

Gain: 10 | Tone: 7 | Level: 6

Samples by Marco Tafelli

Analog is Better!

  • Real 12AX7 Tube inside for pure rock power.
  • Tone control with great versatility.
  • True bypass.


A small tip on the best position of the X7 Tube Overdrive in your pedalboard.

but do not forget that experience is always the best solution…


Guitarist Magazine by Trevor Curwen

“Bring in the gain knob and the saturation builds for rich, fat distortion with singing harmonics aplenty”

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Sound On Sound by Paul White

“It works brilliantly for giving a clean amp what amounts to a separate overdrive channel, and studio hermits will be pleased that it plays nicely with DAWs.”

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  • Real 12AX7 Tube inside.
  • Scrupulously searched out and selected electronic components.
  • True bypass.
  • Custom built with air windows aluminium box.
  • Full analog.
  • Jack input /output 6.3 mm 1/4″ on the sides.
  • Three controls allow adjustment of gain, tone and volume.LED indicates the effect is on.
  • Power supply 9 VDC via external power supply unit. The external power supply, with regulated power supply is possible via 2.1 mm-plug with negative centre .
  • Power consumption 320 mA (max).
  • Dimensions (mm): 90 X 130 X 60
  • Weight (g): 270.