PB-8 Foot Controller

PB-8 Foot Controller with enhanced MIDI functions

PB-8 Foot Controller With Midi Features


PB-8 featuring 8 true bypass effect loops, 4 function switches and a totally MIDI programmable mode, the PB-8 is the ideal choice for both stage and studio applications.
Effects chain can be splitted in two branches with up to 4 pedals connected to the amp input and 4 pedals between send and return of the amp.

Function switches SW-1 to SW-4 outputs are through relays contact and available on TRS (stereo) connectors.
Each function switches can be programmed to be stable or as impulse. Impulse time can be set from 5 to 250 ms.
Uses can be many such as amplifier channel switching, reverb activation, drive a fan or a spotlight (with a power interface) or whatever you have in mind…

Expansion port available to connect optional RC1 device as remote control for function switches.

A “Mute” button mutes your signal and sends it to a convenient tuner output on the back for silent tuning.

An “insert point” is available to insert a device between loops 7 and 8, like your favorite volume pedal or to extend the FX chain.

If a preset has been modified at the “playing time”, “resend data” enables you to quickly restore its original state with just one press.
For super accurate timing, a unique “switch on release” function is available.

Data dump and restore and O.S upgrade can be made via MIDI interface.

The loop chain is made using low power high quality relays and Amphenol connectors.
Relays are the best choice to route audio signal but in some cases, may introduce click or pop noise. A very low noise switching action is guaranteed by Nemphasis “R-Drive” technology.


PB-8 Foot Controller With Midi Features



Three operation modes are available on PB-8 and selectable by “MODE” switch:


 “Standard Mode” – Red LEDs

Lets you manually switch ON or OFF any single loop effect or function switch.
In “standard mode” you can activate or deactivate any single loop from FX1 to FX8 where your preferred pedal is connected.
You can also call your programs by pressing the preset or bank switches.

The red LEDs indicate which effect is activated.
Labels: FX1 to FX8

“Preset Mode” – Blue LEDs

Gives you instant access to your programmed sounds with a flick of a button. Up to 150 presets can be stored and recalled easily.
In preset mode you can re-call your preset (within selected bank) simply by pressing the footswitch labeled 0 to 9. So, if you are in bank #15, by pressing the footswitch “9”, the preset 15.9 will be loaded.
During the change of the bank, the selected preset will not be activated until confirmed within a few seconds. If not confirmed, the PB-8 will return to the previous preset. The blue LEDs indicate which preset is selected in current bank.
Labels: 0 to 9

“Momentary Mode” – Green LEDs

Enables you to switch a single loop ON or OFF only for the time the footswitch is pressed.
Momentary mode is similar to “standard mode” but each FX loop can be activated or deactivated (if stored activated) only for the time you hold the FX loop footswitch.
Why? Use your imagination…
You can also call your programs by pressing the preset or bank switches.

Momentary mode can be disabled in global parameters.
Labels: FX1 to FX8



Keep pressed the MODE footswitch at boot time and the PB-8 will enter in the extra “Special Mode” giving you an easy access to the 4 function switches.
In Special Mode the last four footswitches (BANK UP an DOWN, MODE, MUTE) are used to control the 4 function switches. To return to the normal footswitch functions, keep pressed again the MODE footswitch at the boot.


In switch on click mode you can activate o deactivate a FX loop or change BANK or PRESET by pressing the related footswitch. Any changes will be made when the footswitch is pressed.
In switch on release mode changes will be made at the release of the footswitch. You can press and hold the footswitch and at “perfect time” releasing it to activate loop or change bank or preset.
This function can be changed at “playing time” simply by pressing and holding for 2 seconds the SWC/R button. Green LED ON indicates that switch on click mode is selected.


If active and when in “standard mode” it’s possible restore original preset state if changed at “playing time”. It helps to limit the presets needed and simplifies the PB-8 use and your musician’s life…
Here’s a practical example of use: while you are playing with FX1 and FX2 loop active and you require additional effects during the solo, you can add them by pressing the FX footswitches. Once finished if you need to return to your “original preset” simply press BANK or PRESET UP/DOWN once, and the saved preset will be re-called.
This function can be changed at “playing time” simply by pressing and holding for 2 seconds the RESEND button. Green LED ON indicates that resend data is active.


Mute switch mutes your FX chain, dim the LED’s on the PB-8 and send the instrument signal to a dedicated tuner connector. Any tuner may be used and during normal operation it is out of the signal path to preserve signal integrity.


No custom or dedicated MIDI controller is needed to control your rack or MIDI devices. Every preset of the PB-8 can send up to 4 MIDI program change messages and 4 MIDI control change messages.
A dedicated expression pedal connection is provided, and different pedal settings can be stored for each preset.
Thanks to the advanced MIDI capabilities of the PB-8 you can easily control any device where an advanced MIDI programming is required.


tablet_smNeed a dedicated solution for a custom visual feedback?
The PB-8 works great with external devices, bringing you a comfortable and innovative switching experience.
By using an interface such as IK Multimedia iRig MIDI or any audio interface with MIDI ports you can connect the PB-8 to a tablet device or notebook and use it by a free Nemphasis app, as song titles display and to organize your song lists.


Global settings can be setted. Is it possible to set how the PB-8 will work. In essence you can set the parameters below:

  1. Lock or unlock the function switches at “playing time”: if ON it’s possible change the state (ON or OFF), by pressing the SW-1 to SW-4 switches while playing.
  2. Toggles R-Drive: R-Drive does not affect signal path but you can decide to use it or not.
  3. Cycle PRESET: if ON the BANK is locked and pressing “PRESET” UP or DOWN switches presets selection will cycle within the selected bank.
  4. Toggles Titles: Enable o disable MIDI SysEx Messages for app.
  5. Toggles “Momentary Mode”: If disabled, only “standard” mode and “preset” mode will be available by pressing the “MODE” footswitch.
  6. MIDI IN Channel: Set up the MIDI IN channel for PB-8 remote control. If set to 0, MIDI IN will be disabled.
  7. Expression pedal MIDI CH: Set up the global MIDI Channel for expression pedal connected to PB-8.
  8. Expression pedal MIDI CC#: Set up the global MIDI Continuous Controller Number for expression pedal connected to PB-8.
  9. Sensibility of expression pedal: Set up the expression pedal sensibility: High – Mid – Low.
  10. Calibration of expression pedal: Expression pedal calibration procedure.


Need a backup? With a quick “MIDI dump” connection your data is safe.
Free multiplatform Java app is provided.


PB-8 Foot Controller Remote Control By the optional RC1 device, you can easily control the function switches.
Connect it to the PB-8 expansion port and in a few seconds the remote control system will be ready.
The connection is made by using an ethernet cable (provided) and available anywhere.


All is made with a thought in mind: "easy".

  • Simplifies the management of your sound, no advanced skill is required. 
  • 8 effect loops – 4 function switches (auxiliary outputs) can be stored in each preset, Midi IN/OUT – Expression pedal  features – Insert between loop 7 and 8 to extend the pedal chain or to connect the volume pedal.
  • Effects chain can be splitted in two branches with up to 4 pedals connected to the amp input and 4 pedals between send and return of the amp.
  • Clear wide display with indication of bank and preset.
  • Three operational modes for the management of the single effect loop, fast bank preset selection or momentary ON/OFF of your effect loop (toggle mode).
  • Special mode: allows you to use the last 4 foot switches to control the 4 auxiliary outputs.
  • RGB LED indicators – each selected operational mode is indicated by the specific LEDs color throughout the pedalboard.
  • 4 function switches available on TRS jack to control remote devices (amp reverb, amp channels selection and anything else you have in mind like spot lights, stand fan and so on.  The function switches status can be stored in each preset.
  • Each function switches can be programmed to be stable or as impulse. Impulse time can be set from 5 to 250 ms.
  • Expansion port available to connect optional RC1 as remote control for function switches.
  • SWC/SWR Switch on Click or Switch on Release functions:
  • RESEND DATA function for fast recall saved preset if modified during execution.
  • Allows the use of your favorite pedals and rack unit giving you the friendly approach of the embedded systems.
  • 15 banks of 10 presets for a total of 150 sound chains.
  • Bank UP and DOWN – preset UP/DOWN – Mute functions.
  • Tune your instrument while the system is muted by pressing the MUTE switch.
  • Advanced MIDI features – Up to 4 Program Change and 4 Control Change and Expression Pedal settings available in every preset.
  • MIDI IN for PB-8 remote control.
  • Complete synergy with tablet devices for unique visual feedback experience.
  • Fully upgradable O.S. via MIDI interface.
  • Programs dump and restore via MIDI interface.
  • Multiplatform java app for the complete management of the PB-8 via your PC or Apple Mac.