Tentacles Hum Free Regulated Power Supply

Tentacles Hum Free Regulated Power Supply

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 Available for European market only. Input 230 V AC 50/60 Hz

The Tentacles power supply provides a compact, robust and reliable pedalboard power supply.
The output voltage is 9.6 VDC*  that makes the Tentacles power supply suitable to powering all effect pedals running at 9 VDC.
The Tentacles has 2 groups of outputs galvanically isolated with four connections for each group. Due to the separation of the grounds and to the use of quality electronic components, the noise floor is considerably reduced.
The rugged construction allows the Tentacles to deliver maximum power without fluctuations of the voltage supplied.

* The common 9V battery (6LR61) used in effect pedals, if fully charged, provides a voltage of 9.6VDC.

High quality at the lowest price

  • 8 ouputs and 2 groups of isolated grounds.
  • 800 mA  total current available.
  • High stability.
  • Small size and weight.